Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque Prayer : This is what they Preach

Currently the world is definitely going through the bad phase with the rise of Islamic terrorism in the every corner of the earth. Some rogue nations like Pakistan have become the training camp for all the terrorists around the globe and on top of that several radical Islamic Imams preach hatred for the non-believers during Friday’s sermon. The video of this radicalized potential terrorist surfaced from Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque; it’s so scary 🙁 Continue reading “Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque Prayer : This is what they Preach”

The Most Useless Passports in the World 2016

The Visa Restrictions Index has compiled a list of the countries whose citizens find it really hard to get visa to travel to other countries. As expected, most of the countries are Islamic countries, but surprisingly Nepal features in that list. The VRI had complied data from 218 countries and produced a list with 104 places. Continue reading “The Most Useless Passports in the World 2016”

A Flying Jatt has Poor Opening

Tiger Shroff’s superhero action film A Flying Jatt couldn’t enjoy a flying start at the box office because of the bad execution of a poor content. From the trailer of the film, it never looked promising, but the box office gurus were expecting a decent start because of the presence of Remo D’Souza and Tiger Shroff. Continue reading “A Flying Jatt has Poor Opening”

Mohenjo Daro Aiming for 60 Crores Lifetime Business

When it became evident that Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro will be competing with Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, most of the box office gurus might have thought that Rustom might turn out an average or a disaster for Akshay Kumar because Ashutosh + Hrithik combo was hitting the screens after a long hiatus. The association of the big names with Mohenjo Daro helped it in getting the large chunk of screens and Rustom had to compromise with a smaller number of screens, but now, after 2 weeks, the scenario became totally different. Rustom got the tag of super hit from the box office pundits whereas Mohenjo Daro became one of the worst box office performer for Hrithik and Ashutosh. Continue reading “Mohenjo Daro Aiming for 60 Crores Lifetime Business”

Rustom Aiming for 125 Crores+ Lifetime Business

Year 2016 turned out one of the best years for Akshay Kumar; after Airlift and Housefull 3, Rustom joined the elite club of 100-crores-movie. Though the film had an excellent pre-release buzz, its competition with Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro was casting a shadow over its box office prospect. But the film not only beat the competition, but also it became another 100 crore movie for Akshay Kumar. Continue reading “Rustom Aiming for 125 Crores+ Lifetime Business”

UPA and NDA – Political Situation in India

Corruption is a prevalent culture in all political parties of India. Whenever a party comes to power, its first motto becomes to loot taxpayers’ money. We all know how the most corrupt political party of India, Congress, has looted India for more than 60 years? One can find at least one scam of Congress starting with A-Z. Continue reading “UPA and NDA – Political Situation in India”