When Indian Telecom Companies wished Valentine’s Day to each other

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, the big telecom companies wished each other ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ on twitter. As they compete with each other in the marketplace, the public reaction was very hilarious (this is just for fun; not a true reaction) 🙂 Continue reading “When Indian Telecom Companies wished Valentine’s Day to each other”

Twitter Gyan – 1 Jan 2017

शादी’ और ‘सगाई’ के बीच
कुछ दिनों का अंतराल क्यों रखा जाता है ?
ताकि कोई यह न कह सके कि
‘मुझे हादसे से बचने
का मौका नहीं दिया गया !!!’ Continue reading “Twitter Gyan – 1 Jan 2017”

Twitter Gyan – 31 Dec 2016

मोदी ने डिजिटल पेमेंट एप का नाम भीम रखकर सबको खुश कर दिया
BJP समझेंगे कुंतीपुत्र भीम
मायावती समझेंगी बाबा भीम
राहुल गांधी समझेंगे ‘छोटा भीम Continue reading “Twitter Gyan – 31 Dec 2016”

Twitter Gyan – 30 Dec 2016

कांग्रेस ही एकमात्र ऐसी पार्टी है, जिसने तीनो लोक में घोटाला कर दिखाया।
पाताल-कोयला घोटाला।
धरती-जमीन घोटाला।
आकाश-हेलीकॉप्टर घोटाला। Continue reading “Twitter Gyan – 30 Dec 2016”

Char Dham Highway Project inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi

On December 27,2016, Indian PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of ‘Char Dham’ highway project. In last 65 years, no PM even thought about this because they wanted to maintain their secular image to appease their Muslim vote bank. Crores of Hindus of India must thank Shri Narendra Modi for such innovative step that will not only save the lives of people on pilgrimage to ‘Char Dham’, but also will generate employment for the locals. Continue reading “Char Dham Highway Project inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi”

Arvind Kejriwal Launched New Denomination of Indian Rupee

The most affected victims of demonetization in India are political parties. The newly launched party ‘AAP’, which was busy in money laundering and several corruptions, got a huge setback as all their illegal donations in Rs. 500 and 1000 became piece of papers in no time. Because of this unexpected blow, the party didn’t contest local elections held in Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra, Rajsthan, and Chhattisgarh. To overcome this major setback, the party chief Arvind Kejriwal decided to launch a new denomination of Indian rupee for his AAPians/AAPtards. Check out this new Indian note. 🙂 Continue reading “Arvind Kejriwal Launched New Denomination of Indian Rupee”

Salman’s New Movie – Single

Inspired by the success of Aamir Khan’s latest movie ‘Dangal’, the bhai of Bollywood ‘Salman Khan’ decided to make a movie based on his life and after several hours of brainstorming, they decided the very innovative name of the film and the name is ‘Single’. Check out the poster of this upcoming movie 🙂 Continue reading “Salman’s New Movie – Single”

Meaning of Pakistan

Pakistan is well-known for its ivy league institutions for the most deadly terrorists across the globe. Each and every terrorist organization in the world has terrorists trained in those ivy league institutions of Pakistan that are run by the Pakistani army and ISI. The most dangerous terrorist of the current time Osama Bin Laden was found and killed in Pakistan and many others are still alive and enjoying the service of Pakistani government and army. So, the true meaning  of Pakistan is as follows:  Continue reading “Meaning of Pakistan”

Reliance Jio Vs Others

Reliance Jio started its 4G service last month and received unprecedented response from the customers. It was able to attract more than 10 million customers in less than a month which is a kind of record for any Internet service provider company in the world. Looking at the Juggernaut of Jio, a twitter friend depicted the situation correctly in this picture. 🙂    Continue reading “Reliance Jio Vs Others”