For Arvind Kejriwal, BJP is a Dengue and Chikungunya Party

Present Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal entered into politics to bring honesty and transparency to Indian politics, but within a few months he proved himself worse than the most corrupt politicians of India. Marred by several corruption charges, the popularity of this self-proclaimed honest politician has hit the nadir and as a result of that, his party lost deposit in the bypoll election held in Rajauri Garden, Delhi. Delhi will have MCD election on 22nd July and all the opinion polls are suggesting massive defeat for Kejriwal’s AAP. It seems that such opinion polls have impacted Kejriwal’s brain and he has started abusing the voters of Delhi.  Continue reading “For Arvind Kejriwal, BJP is a Dengue and Chikungunya Party”

Meaning of Pakistan

Pakistan is well-known for its ivy league institutions for the most deadly terrorists across the globe. Each and every terrorist organization in the world has terrorists trained in those ivy league institutions of Pakistan that are run by the Pakistani army and ISI. The most dangerous terrorist of the current time Osama Bin Laden was found and killed in Pakistan and many others are still alive and enjoying the service of Pakistani government and army. So, the true meaning  of Pakistan is as follows:  Continue reading “Meaning of Pakistan”

Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque Prayer : This is what they Preach

Currently the world is definitely going through the bad phase with the rise of Islamic terrorism in the every corner of the earth. Some rogue nations like Pakistan have become the training camp for all the terrorists around the globe and on top of that several radical Islamic Imams preach hatred for the non-believers during Friday’s sermon. The video of this radicalized potential terrorist surfaced from Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque; it’s so scary 🙁 Continue reading “Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque Prayer : This is what they Preach”

The Most Useless Passports in the World 2016

The Visa Restrictions Index has compiled a list of the countries whose citizens find it really hard to get visa to travel to other countries. As expected, most of the countries are Islamic countries, but surprisingly Nepal features in that list. The VRI had complied data from 218 countries and produced a list with 104 places. Continue reading “The Most Useless Passports in the World 2016”

UPA and NDA – Political Situation in India

Corruption is a prevalent culture in all political parties of India. Whenever a party comes to power, its first motto becomes to loot taxpayers’ money. We all know how the most corrupt political party of India, Congress, has looted India for more than 60 years? One can find at least one scam of Congress starting with A-Z. Continue reading “UPA and NDA – Political Situation in India”

Why Arvind Kejriwal thinks PM Nanrendra Modi can get him killed ?

Not sure if Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has some mental health issue or is suffering from Modiphobia, but his statements and tweets definitely say that he needs to see some psychiatrist very urgently. We don’t know the exact reason behind a deliberately stupid tweet message where he claimed that PM could get him killed, but it seems that the following sequence of events might have given him impetus to tweet non-sense. 🙂 Continue reading “Why Arvind Kejriwal thinks PM Nanrendra Modi can get him killed ?”

PM Modi can get me killed – Sri Sri Arvind Kejriwal

Rattled by several allegations of impropriety against AAP leaders, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 10 MLAs of AAP have been arrested because of fake degree, molestation, and rape cases. Also, the Income Tax department has raided one MLA and MP Bhagwant Mann has been suspended. So, 12 wickets are already down. Efforts are on to disqualify 21 others over office of profit allegations. Continue reading “PM Modi can get me killed – Sri Sri Arvind Kejriwal”

When a Terrorist Extolled Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt, an NDTV journalist, is one of those Indian journalists whose unconditional love for Pakistan and Pakistani terrorists is well known to everyone in India and Pakistan. Whenever she writes anything related to India and Pakistan, she doesn’t take even a second to malign India; she behaves like a Pakistani terrorist with pen. Her incessant support to Pakistani terrorists and hatred for India has always been appreciated by many Pakistani ISI agents and terrorists. Continue reading “When a Terrorist Extolled Barkha Dutt”

Different Faces of Jihad in India

India is a place where you can find many political parties and media personnel supporting jihadi terrorists. They not only support the terrorists openly in the name of freedom of expression, but also they can go to any extent to malign India. It is evident that these political parties and the media personnel are parts of the same groups that have been slandering the current PM Narendra Modi 24×7 since 2002. Their hatred for Narendra Modi has touched nadir and now to malign Modi, they don’t hesitate in maligning even their own country – India.  Continue reading “Different Faces of Jihad in India”

Ministry under Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Chanting Modi prayer is the only thing that self-proclaimed corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal has done as his religious duty since day one after taking oath as Delhi CM. All the promises he had mentioned in his manifesto have no meaning now and he is now busy in slandering PM Narendra Modi and his ministers without an iota of proof. Looks like Mr. Kejriwal is handling the following ministries as Delhi CM. Continue reading “Ministry under Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal”